Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout Ryza (Reisalin Stout) Figure

In celebration of the latest game in the Atelier series; Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout, Wonderful Works brings the titular heroine Reisalin Stout (or Ryza) to life!

RyzaThe Ryza figure is modeled after a piece of her official artwork from the game.

Ryza has been meticulously sculpted down to the finest details of her design. Ryza’s outfit and curvaceous figure, including her signature thighs, have been crafted with care and the vibrant colors make this statue appear as though she popped right out of the game. Ryza’s staff is also accurately presented, holding it happily behind her back.

Ryza is a 1/7 scale or measures at about 9.5 inches tall! Whether you’re a long time fan of the series, taking your first dive into Atelier with the Ryza entry, or just a collector of awesome anime-style figures, Ryza is sure to please. Ryza is a perfect asset for your collection and compliments what is shaping up to be a promising RPG from Koei Tecmo very well.

Ryza is set for a June 2020 release, but you can pre-order her here now:

Play-Asia – (Pre-order deadline for Play-Asia is November 21, 2019)
See more great photos below!

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