Banpresto Dragon Ball Z Glitter&Glamours-Android No.18- II


In March of 2018, I covered the Dragon Ball Z Glitter & Glamours Android No. 18 figure from Banpresto that turned out to be my favorite Android 18 figure ever. However, that title might end up given to today’s awesome figure: Glitter & Glamours Android No. 18 – II.

This time around, Android 18 is wearing the outfit we see her wearing briefly when Great Saiyaman goes to Kame House to invite Krillin and Android 18 to the Tenkaichi Budokai. This outfit is a great look for the character and it’s unfortunate she didn’t get more screen (or manga panel) time in it. Luckily, this figure remedies that!

Android 18 is posed leaning slightly forward with one hand on her knee and the other pushing her hair behind her ear. She’s looking to the side with a slight smile. The attention to detail of the Glitter & Glamour figures is amazing for the price, so I expect nothing less here.

There are two versions of this figure as you can see in the photos provided and she stands about 9 inches tall. If you like Android 18, I’d recommend getting both. The price is right and the quality on these is awesome.

Android 18 is set for a September 30, 2019 release, but you can pre-order her now



Android 18 Ver. A
Android 18 Ver. B



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