Sayuri x MY FIRST STORY – Reimi


Sayuri and My First Story team up for the track “Reimi” which is used as the opening theme for the second season of the anime Golden Kamui. Both great musical acts in their own right, Sayuri’s unique vocals compliment My First Story’s rock-driven style perfectly.

The single for Reimi is being released in three different versions, and if you pre-order through CDJapan you will receive a bonus clear folder with whatever version you choose as long as supplies last!


The Limited Edition features a DVD with the music video for Reimi and its own special artwork. The Limited Pressing features a DVD containing the creditless intro for Golden Kamui, one of three randomly selected character cards, and a Golden Kamui art cover. The Regular Edition just contains the three-track CD and an as of yet announced first press bonus.

Each version has three tracks, the titular Reimi and two B-Sides. It is important to note that the description says the B-Sides corresponding to all the editions are different from one another, so if you want to collect all the songs, you’ll have to order them all. Luckily, the price isn’t too steep and you’ll come away from it with some cool bonuses if you order in time.

Reimi drops on December 5th, 2018, but if you want to get the pre-order bonuses you’ll want to order as soon as you can. Order yours here:

Limited Edition
Limited Pressing
Regular Edition

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Listen to “Reimi” here:


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