Octopath Traveler Original Soundtrack

If you’re unfamiliar with Octopath Traveler check out my previous post here! Octopath Traveler is an amazing retro-style RPG that exemplifies many of the best aspects of the genre. Octopath Traveler has a great soundtrack that helps set the tone for many of its environments and emotional scenes.

The battle themes give off an air of urgency, while the slower-paced songs used during story moments tug at the heart strings. The town themes range from relaxing to melancholy. Even though the songs were completely new to me, there was something familiar about them that gave the impression that they could fit right in with Square RPGs of yore.

Octopath Traveler’s soundtrack contains 85 tracks across 4 discs, so it’s sure to keep your ears pleased for a long time. It’s full of great compositions to listen to whether you’re relaxing, driving, seeking inspiration for the creative juices, or out on the hiking trail, this soundtrack offers you pure musical bliss.

Get a copy here:


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