Shenmue I & II PS4 Xbox One Pre-order!


In celebration of Shenmue III finally being in production, Sega is re-releasing their now classic first and second entries in the series! Shenmue was originally an open-world action/rpg adventure game that was very innovative for its time. Shenmue was responsible for many firsts in gaming; for example, it coined the quick-time-event or QTE.

Players familiar with the series will be able to relive the adventure on Playstation 4, XBox One, and even PC later this year. This release will also give players who weren’t able to experience the first two titles a chance to familiarize themselves with the world of Shenmue before part three!

The games feature a few upgrades. You can choose between classic or modern controls, the Japanese language track will be included, and an updated UI.

The pre-orders for the PS4 and Xbox One versions are available now for a very reasonable $29.99. Pre-order here:

PS4 Version
Xbox One Version


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