Re:ZERO Emilia High School Teacher Ver.


Kadokawa is bringing us a brand new figure of the lovable half-elf heroine, Emilia. This high school teacher version of Emilia is based on a cover illustration from the Re:Zeropedia guidebook that has only been released in Japan so far.

Emilia-tan looks very sophisticated in her outfit which has been adapted from her original design to give her a more studious appearance for her role has a high school teacher. While it is not a revealing outfit by any means, she has been sculpted to show off the curves of her body and the flowing design of her hair and coat are a nice touch.

Re:Zero Emilia High School Teacher version stands at a 1/7 scale (or about 9.5 inches tall) and will compliment many other Re:Zero figures that have been released so far perfectly. Perhaps there will be an accompanying high school version Rem figure in the future to match her? Emilia is set for a November 2018 release, but you can pre-order her here now:


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