Band-Maid Becomes Band-Maiko for Special Music Video “Secret Maiko”


Band-Maid has become Band-Maiko for this very cool crossover of the Japanese tradition of Maiko and the band’s awesome style of rock music. The song is a new version of “Secret My Lips,” now called “Secret MAIKO Lips” with some new instrumentals in the traditional Japanese style added in, and a beautifully filmed video featuring all the girls in traditional Japanese garb. They even sing the lyrics in Kyoto dialect, as it is the place of origin for the Maiko.

The video was posted eight days ago as unlisted on Youtube (and about 10 minutes after this writing went live), and appears to have only been advertised through their social media accounts today, as of April 1st (It’s still the 31st here, but time zones, of course) celebration.

The girls have even changed their names to go along with their new band person as indicated in the description of the video, they are now as follows:


The new take on Secret My Lips is amazing! I really enjoy the way the classic instruments blend with their melodic hard rock sound, and the aesthetic of the video is gorgeous. There are great shots of all the girls throughout, so they all get a decent amount of airtime. The music is the perfect mixture of modern and traditional. I hope to see more Band-Maid antics that lead to great content.

Check out the video here:


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