Android #18 is one of my favorite Dragon Ball characters, so I’m always on the lookout for new figures. This Android #18 figure from Banpresto’s Glitter & Glamours line is probably my favorite yet!

Banpresto has perfectly captured Android #18 here. Her outfit is battle-torn, revealing a bit more skin than her outfit normally would, but nothing outrageous. Her hair appears to be flowing in the breeze with one strand crossing her face as she looks to the side holding her vest.

When I ordered this figure, I didn’t realize how large it was. I was surprised to see that she stands about 10 inches tall, and even the box is a real beauty that you’ll want to keep around.

Android #18 comes in two versions, the original color of her outfit that she wears in the series and a variant version. I actually ordered both, and I can tell you first hand that they are both beautifully made, detailed, and high quality painted figures that are very impressive for the cost.

If you buy only one Android #18 figure, I would highly recommend this one.

Order yours here:

Regular Color
Variant Color


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