Re:Zero Ram Wedding Version 1/7 Figure


Phat Company is back with another great Re:Zero figure. This time, Ram gets the wedding version treatment that Rem previously received which I covered last year. Rem was based on an illustration from the Re:Zero Death or Kiss game, that may be the case here as well, but I haven’t played the game and cannot find an image to confirm it.


While Rem looked overjoyed to be dressed up (or is that down?) for her special day, Ram looks quite embarrassed and a bit irked, which is fitting of her character. She’s holding a decorative bouquet while looking back over her shoulder.


Ram’s figure is sculpted with a great attention to detail, with lots of frills and creases on what little cloth she’s wearing. The colors are gorgeous in these photos, so I imagine in real life it will look even better!

Like her sister, Ram is 1/7 scale with a clear base. If you have the Rem version and want Ram to match, or if you just prefer Ram in general, this is a great addition to your collection. Ram is set for a November 2018 release, but you can pre-order her here now:


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