Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- Ram Sleep Sharing Ver.

Last year, I covered the Rem “soine” version figure, and now we have a matching version for her sister Ram! Perhaps you want some company for your Rem figure, or maybe you’re just a fan of Ram. Either way, this is a great figure.

As you can see, Ram is very detailed. Her curves are perfectly sculpted and her frilled lingerie compliments her nicely. The color is vibrant and her facial expression is true to the anime. She is made to be posed with Rem, as they are meant to be posed facing each other, but she also looks great on her own.

Ram measures about 9 inches and comes with a futon, fabric sheets, a fabric and cotton pillow, and a microfiber bath towel. Ram is scheduled for an August 2018 release, but you can pre-order her here:


Rem is also being re-released in case you missed her the first time around, and she is set to be released in July 2018.

Rem re-release:


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