Re:Zero Sega Prize Figure Rem Nurse Version


Sega Prize figures are nice alternatives to the more expensive releases. If you’re looking for a nice figure at a reasonable price, they’re the way to go. Today’s figure is Re:Zero’s Rem in a nurse outfit! Unable to find it at my usual outlets CDJapan and Play-Asia, I managed to get my hands on her after some digging around.

Rem is dressed in traditional nurse’s attire and comes with a clipboard accessory that rests in her hand up against her mid section. The colors are bright and the paint job is well-done for a reasonably priced figure. Her outfit is form-fitting, detailed with creases, and appears slightly see-through in some areas (yeah, you can kinda see her butt. ヘンタイ! ). Her white thigh high garter stockings and open-toe shoes make for a cuter take on the nurse look.

Rem stands about 8-inches tall and comes with a decorative base. If you have any of the other Re:Zero Sega Prize figures, this will fit nicely in your collection.

This is a first here on Hobby Scratch, but I’m selling a few of these figures on my ebay store. My account has a perfect standing, so you can be confident you are dealing with a reputable seller. If you are interested in owning your very own Nurse Rem, consider buying one from my shop. It goes a long way to support the site!

Ebay store: Nurse Rem Figure

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You can also watch me ramble as I show you Nurse Rem from my personal collection:


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