Re:Zero Emilia 1/7 Nightwear Figure

rezero-kara-hajimeru-isekai-seikatsu-17-scale-prepainted-figure-552013.3It’s been a little quiet here on Hobby Scratch lately, so I do apologize for anyone that is a regular on this page. However, I’m finally back with a new post and I will try to make these more regular. Today we’re taking a look at a new Emilia figure from Pulchra!

The half-elf of the world of Re:Zero is featured here in her nightwear resting her head gently on a decorative pillow. Her figure is sculpted to accentuate her curves and the nightgown is detailed with frills and wrinkles. Pack rests gently on the back of her thigh (try to take a deep breath, Emilia fans.)

Emilia includes a clear base to rest on and would make a great addition to your collection, especially if you have the soine Rem figure. Emilia is scheduled for a July 2018 release, but you can pre-order her now:




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