Re:ZERO Ram FREEing Bunny Ver.


As mentioned in the FREEing Bunny Girl Rem post, today’s write-up is for her sister Ram! FREEing has done a fabulous job of recreating the look of the girls with these endearing bunny girl versions.

Ram is 1/4 scale (about 11 inches) with fishnet stockings made from real fabric. Just like Rem, FREEing Ram’s head can be moved slightly left or right for different poses and includes alternate hand parts so that you may display her holding hands with her sister; a take on one of their iconic scenes from the series when Subaru meets them for the first time:


If you’re a fan of the maid twins these figures are a perfect fit for your collection. Ram will be released alongside Rem in May of 2018, but you can pre-order her here now:


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