Band-Maid – World Domination


The ladies of Band-Maid have been very busy with touring, releasing an album earlier this year, and a single over the summer, and they already have a 2nd full album on the way! The details are slim so far, but “World Domination” is the title of the album and accompanying tour. There will be three different versions of the album, a regular edition and two limited editions.

The regular edition will include Band-Maid’s cover song they contributed to the Mucc tribute album, and the limited editions will contain a DVD or Blu-Ray featuring the concert held at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST on November 23rd 2017.

There is no track list or album art available for World Domination yet, but given their solid releases thus far this album is sure to be awesome. The first press of each edition comes with a B2-sized bonus poster through CDJapan! You can pre-order here:

Regular Edition:
Limited DVD:
Limited Blu-Ray:

Also available for pre-order on Amazon:

Maid in Japan
World Domination


Edit – The tracklist is available now!

1. I Can’t Live Without You
2. Play
3. One and Only
4. Domination
5. Fate
6. Spirit!!
7. Rock in Me
8. Clang
9. Turn Me on
10. Carry on Living
11. Daydreaming
12. Anemone
13. Alive-Or-Dead
14. Dice
15. Honey (Bonus Track)



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