figma Solid Snake: MGS2 Ver. [Metal Gear Solid 2 SONS OF LIBERTY]


Max Factory is set to produce more of their awesome Solid Snake figma figure! This version of Snake is modeled after his look in Metal Gear Solid 2:Sons of Liberty for the PS2.

Snake has multiple points of articulation and comes with a variety of accessories that allow you to recreate your favorite scenes. Snake includes: a standard expression, clenched teeth expression, a tranquilizer gun, assault rifle, a cardboard box, shooting parts for the assault rifle, various hand parts, including “hanging” hands and a hand holding a cigarette.

You can pose Snake in his crawling position and make him crouch as though he’s answering his codec, or get creative and make your own pose. That’s more than enough to please any fan of Solid Snake or Metal Gear Solid in general! Snake is set for a July 2018 release, but you can pre-order him now here:



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