NieR:Automata BRING ARTS 2B & Machine lifeform (2 Set)

Nier:Automata is one of the most popular games of 2017. 2B, the iconic main character has entered her way into the hearts of gamers everywhere, so it’s fitting that Square Enix is blessing fans with this figure set!

2B is extremely detailed and comes with a variety of accessories. 2B’s clothing is faithfully reproduced with quality craftsmanship detailing the frills of her skirt. Her pearly hair is created to perfection by applying the paint over translucent material for a sheer effect. 2B has many points of articulation so you can recreate your favorite scenes and poses.


Also included is the Machine Lifeform which features many articulated joints that allow for a wide range of motion despite being a relatively compact figure. The set includes the following accessories: exchangeable heads, hands, a sword, a Pod, and a display base.

2B is set for a March 2018 release, but you can pre-order here now:


You can also get a Machine Lifeform set of 2 figures & accessories:


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