Dragon Ball Gals Bulma Arabian Ver.

NEOGDS-252334The Dragon Ball Gals line from Megahouse takes the lovely ladies of Dragon Ball and showcases (and sometimes exaggerates) their “assets.” Out of the figures released so far, this version of Bulma seems rather moderate in comparison. Bulma is here in her Arabian style attire that she dons in the original Dragon Ball when the group finds themselves in Fungus Town and are forced to defeat Monster Carrot; the rabbit that turns people into carrots with his touch.

Bulma’s bust and curves are accentuated without being too exaggerated. The sculpt and paint job are very well done, and her pose makes her appear as though she’s walking against the warm desert wind. Dragon Ball Gals Bulma Arabian Ver. stands at about 8 inches tall.

She is set for a February 2018 release date and you can pre-order here:



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