Re:Zero Collection Figure Rem Otetsudai Series Box

NEOGDS-248932_110Rem mania continues with the upcoming “Rem Otetsudai Series Box” figurine set. The box contains 7 figurines that stand about 2.5 inches tall and feature Rem in a variety of poses and enacting her various duties as a maid of Roswaal Manor. If you like more super-deformed “cutesy” type figures, this is a great set with a wide-range of variety. They’re also particularly great if you have a collection that’s already taking up a lot of shelf space.

The box will cost about $58 and is set for a February 2018 release and can be pre-ordered here:

Play-Asia (At this time, there is no Play-Asia listing, but I will update when it becomes available, until then, I have placed a general affiliate link.)

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