Ena Fujita – Bikini Riot & Tsuyome no Shinzo


Up and coming singer song writing gravure idol Ena Fujita released her first major label album in Japan on August 9th of 2017, titled Tsuyome no Shinzo. There are two versions available for sale, the standard edition titled “Chakui Edition” and the special edition which features a DVD with two music videos titled the “Datsui Edition.”

However, coming on October 6th, Fujita will be releasing her album through JPU Records under a different title: Bikini Riot. Bikini Riot is also the title of the 6th track on the album, where Ena Fujita lays down her guitar and takes on her rapping alter ego: MC Bikini, which is a name she uses for performing and hosting underground rap events in Japan.

The exciting news is that Bikini Riot will be available in the U.S. through Amazon, making it even easier to get great music from Japan. I personally own the Datsui Edition of her album, and I have already pre-ordered Bikini Riot because I want to support the release of Japanese music domestically.

The album is a bit short at 8 tracks long, but it has some songs that really shine. My personal favorite is 404 Not Found, which is an upbeat pop-rock song with a catchy guitar riff and smooth vocals. A few other standouts include, Ao no Shinzo, which starts off slow with very soft vocals and builds up to a bridge with a great solo. It’s a very relaxing song.

Then you’ve got Watashi dake ga Inai Sekai, which is another pop-rock style song that has a similar pacing to 404 Not Found. Great riffs, vocals, and a very unique music video, which is apparently due to the fact that the song is being used as the theme for a Japanese movie titled internationally as Vampire Clay. The movie stars Ena Fujita as well.

The last song I’ll mention, and probably my 2nd favorite track as of this writing, is Heroine ni narenai. The song is a really beautiful rock ballad that showcases Ena’s voice and guitar skills perfectly. One of my favorite aspects of her music is her emotive voice. I hope to see her keep creating music and am very interested in seeing where her career goes in the future. She’s one of my current favorites next to Band-Maid.

If you’ve never heard her music before, check out the music videos linked below! If you like her music videos, be sure to vote them up. I saw on Twitter when the video for “Watashi dake ga Inai Sekai” was released, she was a little disappointed by the dislikes. Show her some love, I’m sure it would make her happy!

Pre-order Bikini Riot or get one of the Japanese Editions here:

Bikini Riot

Tsuyome no Shinzo [Chakui Edition]
Tsuyome no Shinzo [CD+DVD / Datsui Edition]

Track list:

01. 404 Not Found
02. Rokuji no Catharsis
03. Ao no Shinzou
04. Uwasa de Kirai ni Naranaide
05. Watashi dake ga Inai Sekai
07. Heroine ni narenai
08. Live Drive

View her music videos here:

404 Not Found:

Bikini Riot:

Watashi dake ga Inai Sekai:

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