Re:Zero Rem and Ram 1/8 Figures

Your wallet cries out in pain, but you cannot hear it over the beating of your heart; thumping against your rib cage with pure desire, for you have found the perfect twin maids to fill the void of emptiness in your life!


Okay, but seriously, today we’ve got another dose of Rem and Ram. Some of you are probably sick of the fact that companies seem to be focusing solely on the demonic sisters (me too, to an extent), but you can’t deny that Japan has a knack for making figures so awesome, you don’t care if you already have 10 iterations of the same character. All you know is you want more, even if you felt like you didn’t. These new figures from Revolve are sure to bring you this feeling.

First up, we’ve got Rem. Rem is looking very cute and innocent with her hands clasped together in front of her chest, kneeling down with her lips slightly parted and her head turned to the side, as if to say “Subaru, what are you doing here?” Everything looks on point, and they’ve captured the essence of the character perfectly from outfit to hair and expression.

Next, we have Ram. Ram looks as equally cute as her sister, sitting with her legs resting off to each side, and a similar look of innocence on her face. Again, the figure’s design appears very well done. There is a great attention to detail to the frills and creases of the maid outfits. The paint and shading looks fantastic.

Both figures are 1/8 scale and are meant to go side by side. Choose your favorite, or get the pair! The girls are set for a March 2018 release, but you can pre-order them now!

Pre-order here:

CDJapan Rem
Play-Asia Rem
CDJapan Ram
Play-Asia Ram


As always, you can check out my other Re:Zero content here! Thanks for your continued support.


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