Re:Zero Rem & Ram Swimsuit Version 1/12th Freeing Figures

Kick off your 4th of July with the latest iterations of everyone’s favorite twin demon maids, Rem and Ram. The sisters are featured here in their swimwear from FREEing ready for some fun at the beach. Each girl has a popsicle accessory and a swimsuit color scheme that matches their respective hair colors. While both figures look great, I personally like the look of Ram’s color scheme slightly better. The juxtaposition of black and pink makes her stand out a bit more.

As part of FrEEing’s new updated “S series” of figures, the girls will also feature a unified 3mm neck joint that allows you to switch the head parts between different S style figures.  They’re about 6 inches tall and include a base.

Rem and Ram are set for a December 2017 release, so you can keep warm through the Winter and pre-order here:

CDJapan Rem
CDJapan Ram

Play-Asia Rem
Play-Asia Ram

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