Kotobukiya RE: ZERO Starting life In Another World Emilia 1/8 Scale


The Kotobukiya Emilia figure has been out for a while in Japan, but I wanted to wait until I had her in my collection before writing about her so that I could show a photo of my actual figure. As you can see above, she is a really colorful, detailed, and well-made figure. The design of her outfit and the flowing sleeves and cloth give it a nice effect of motion along with the appearance of her hair flowing in the wind. She is fastened to the crystal base, so do keep that in mind.

When you get her she is in two halves, so it is possible to take her apart at the waist (again, be careful not to tug on the base as you don’t want to break it) and remove the cloth that covers her midriff if you desire a skimpier-clothed version, but I don’t think it was necessarily designed to be that way because I remember it not looking quite right. But hey, it’s an option and the choice is there if you so desire!

As a side note, I really like the box she comes packaged in. The back has a lot of photos of the figure, but the top has a cool snowflake window. I know, as the soldiers in Metal Gear Solid say, “it’s just a box” but I have a soft spot for the superior Japanese figure boxes.

My only real “complaints” are 1. I think Puck should have been included with her. It would have been nice to see him as an accessory that you could put on her shoulder or coming out of her hair or something, and 2. The crystal she holds is pretty cool, though mine is slightly lopsided. I’ve slowly been “training” it to sit up more straight though, and it seems to be working just fine.

If you’re collecting Re:Zero figures in general, Emilia goes really well with the Sega Prize figures of Rem and Ram that were released earlier this year. They’re sold out in many places, but you can still find them on Amazon for a decent price (under $30 each with Prime shipping as of this writing). I took a photo of all of them together and they scale up pretty well:


Excuse the poor lighting! In my opinion, they look great together and you can set up a pretty nice diorama for some good shots if you’ve got the space and better lighting than I do, but I digress.

Overall, I really like the Kotobukiya Emilia figure and Amazon is currently listing her for a June 17th release at a much better price than I paid for her, so if you don’t have her in your collection I definitely recommend that you pick her up.

Order here:


Get the Sega Prize figures:

Rem and Ram

Here are some retail shots of Emilia at different angles:

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