Band-Maid Daydreaming/Choose Me Amazon Pre-order!

Great news for Band-Maid fans! It appears that once again Amazon in the U.S. is taking pre-orders for the latest Band-Maid release. The first time I noticed them doing this was with Just Bring It, so I’m glad to see the trend continuing. If you haven’t seen my previous write-ups then check out my announcement of the Daydreaming/Choose Me single and my mini-review for the Daydreaming music video here!

If you’re already in the know, then you’re probably as excited for this release as I am. Daydreaming is a great song and I’m looking forward to hearing Choose Me and the included live DVD that comes with the limited edition. The prices for Amazon seem pretty fair and if you have Prime you’ll get free 2-day shipping as well. The release date also coincides with the Japanese release on other sites, so you’ll get it faster than those who are importing!

Get yours here:

Limited Edition
Regular Edition

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