Ayano Mashiro – New Look (Re:Creators Ending Theme)


May 17th, 2017 was the release date of Ayano Mashiro’s “New Look” single, which is used as the ending theme for the Re:Creators anime. I’m a little late to the punch on this, but I just received my copy today. As you can see in the photo above, my copy came with a lyrics booklet with an alternate cover and a bonus card. Unfortunately, I don’t think the card is available anymore as it was a first come, first served deal.

Also included is a DVD disc (for the limited pressing and limited edition versions only) with the Re:Creators ending animation video. The DVD is very sharp looking, the disc is a gold color. I would have liked if they included the full music video on the DVD as well, but it’s nice to have the animation in high quality.

The single contains four tracks, and they are as follows:

1. New Look
2. Angel Horizon
3. Dolly Girl
4. New Look (TV Size)

If you’ve watched Re:Creators, you’ve heard “New Look” so you know what to expect. The other songs measure up pretty well and have the same pop-rock feel to them. I especially like Angel Horizon, it reminds me of a LiSA song for some reason. Dolly Girl is my least favorite track, but it’s still a pretty decent song. I think it’s just a bit too “peppy” sounding for my personal taste, but it’s certainly not bad musically speaking.

Last, we have the TV Size version of New Look. I can always appreciate when they add the anime version of the songs on the single. I would have appreciated an instrumental as well, though. Overall this is a great little single and if it’s any indication of what we can expect from Ayano’s next album, it should be a great listen.

If you enjoy Re:Creators and the music or if you are an Ayano Mashiro fan in general, this single is definitely worth your purchase.

Order here:

Limited Pressing w/DVD
Limited Edition w/DVD
Regular Edition



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