Hyperkin Retron 1 HD NES

If you missed out on Nintendo’s NES Classic Mini (and many people did given how poorly the demand was met) this may be a great alternative option. Hyperkin is known for making clone systems that play retro games, but rather than the games being built-in like the NES Classic, this system lets you play your actual cartridges.


There is no emulation here, the system is a hardware clone of the original NES with some obvious improvements. First, the Retron 1 HD NES allows you to play the classics in your collection in crisp 720p. It features HD video/audio and includes a 3ft HD cable, it also includes an AV port and AV cable. It has a premium classic NES style “Cadet” controller with a 10ft cord and 6 ft. Micro USB charge cable with USB AC Adapter. There is a switch on the bottom case that gives you an option for PAL or NTSC settings and there is also a switch for 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratios.

At a price of just $39.99, it’s a steal for a system with a lot of options and the potential for a massive library of games depending on what you have in your collection. Heck, it may even encourage you to track down some classics you’ve been missing over the years. With retro gaming becoming more popular and the systems coming down with more issues as they age, this is a great alternative to an NES.

The Hyperkin Retron 1 HD will release on May 25th!

Order it here in gray or black:

Hyperkin Retron 1 HD NES (Gray)

Hyperkin Retron 1 HD NES (Black)



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  1. Hi there! You get an instant follow from me for having a sleeping Nu from my favorite game ever represent your blog. Good choice! As for this Retron, it makes me wish I’d kept more of my carts over the years. I still have a working NES and finally got a hold of the classic. If this one had the games already included I won’t definitely snatch it up! Thanks for the informative read. Keep rocking that Nu.


    1. Eric says:

      Thanks! Chrono Trigger is one of my favorite (if not favorite) games of all time, and I’ve always loved the Nu. I actually have all of my carts from when I was a kid, and some more I’ve accumulated over the years. I have an NES and a top loader, but I may end up getting this as well just because it’ll be a lot easier to use with modern TVs. I took a look at your page too, good stuff. Returned the follow.

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      1. The Nu is one of those strange, whimsical and mysterious entities in CT. I always wondered at how they were natural creatures in prehistoria but enlightened communicators in Zeal and at least one was an A.I. in the far future. Beautiful game. You made the good choice to hang on to your carts. I remember pawning some of them off to get newer hardware, and in turn pawning off those to get newer stuff again. Thanks for checking us out and thanks for the follow, my friend! Keep up the quality posting.


      2. Eric says:

        This is just speculation on my part, but I feel like the Nus were intended to be creatures that were directly connected to the planet. “All life begins with Nu and ends with Nu” as a book in the game said.

        Yeah, I suppose it’s one of the few times my inability to part with things has been a benefit! Thanks, I appreciate that and likewise. I need to track down Tumblepop after seeing your post.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. They could be an elemental entity, a sort of representation of the natural world, which would fit the Japanese mindset. It’s an interesting thought! Tumblepop! Yes! Such a great game! Good luck, though! To my knowledge, it’s a toughie to find.


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