Kotobukiya Velvet Crowe 1/8 Figure Photo Review


Many of the figures I write about here on Hobby Scratch are figures I have purchased for myself. I have a difficult time being enthusiastic about products I don’t personally support, so due to this, sometimes there are gaps in my posts. Since anime figures tend to sell out and go out of production, I try to write about them during their pre-order phase to let people know they’re available for reserve. Today I have decided to try something new, though.

This will be my very first write-up/photo review of a figure that I pre-ordered and finally received! As you can see from the title and photo, we’re going to be looking at the Velvet Crowe (the lead protagonist of Tales of Berseria, it’s one of the best RPGs I’ve played in a long time, so definitely pick it up if you haven’t played it yet), figure from Kotobukiya. I ordered her last October, so the wait has been long! I just got her today and it was definitely worth it.

Well, first let’s start with the packaging. The box is absolutely gorgeous. Sure, it’s just a box, but the boxes for Japanese figures never fail to impress me with how colorful and decorative they are. Sometimes I don’t even want to open the boxes because I’m afraid of damaging it in the process. I use a scissor or knife to carefully cut the tape that seals the box. I keep all of my boxes because they just look too good to throw away!


Velvet herself was protected by clamshell plastic that is both connected by tabs and sealed with tape. I even keep the clamshell packaging, so I was careful taking that apart as well. They even had soft plastic sheaths covering her blade and parts of her hair.


Here’s the entire figure in all her glory! The base she stands on has a glittery finish with the black wolf emblem printed on it. Velvet herself stands about 8 inches tall. The colors and paint job are really well done and she feels very sturdy.  Now, the background I used for the photos actually came inside the box. It’s like a liner that you can remove and put back in the box without ruining the packaging, so I thought that was a cool little extra. I managed to get some great shots of Velvet with this background, and because my room has too many random distractions this was a big help.

Here we have some more photos just showing off different angles. You can see they really did an amazing job with the detailing of her hair. It looks like it’s flowing in the wind. Her blade is really cool as well, but be careful because it feels a bit on the delicate side. It’ll be fine as long as you’re not bending it though! This next photo set has a surprise..

Velvet with her daemon arm! Unfortunately, this was only available as a pre-order bonus directly from Kotobukiya, so if you order her now you won’t get this, but even without it this is one amazing figure. If you are a big fan of Velvet or Tales of Berseria in general, you definitely want this in your collection. Even if I had no idea about the character or game, I think I would love this figure just because of how awesome she looks.

We’ll end out with some random shots and a few closeups. I wanted to give you an idea of the attention to detail they put into this figure. I think it’s especially apparent when you look at all of the buckles and chains on her outfit. The chains have a wiry feel to them to give it a realistic look.

Even though the initial pre-order is over, you can still put a reservation in on Amazon for a June 28th, 2017 release date. Velvet is honestly one of my favorite figures in my collection now and I cannot recommend her enough.

Order Velvet on Amazon

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