figma-metroid-prime-3-corruption-samus-aran-prime-3-ver-518797.9 (1)

Based on Samus Aran from Metroid Prime 3: Corruption comes this figma of Samus in her trademark Power Suit. My personal favorite Metroid game is Super Metroid, so I never really got into the Prime series, but this figure is amazing! Good Smile has really captured the look and feel of Samus’s Power Suit with an impressive amount of detail.

Samus features smooth and posable joints giving you the ability to act out many different scenes from your favorite Metroid battles. Good Smile has used a flexible plastic for the important areas of articulation, which allows for the proportions to be kept without compromising Samus’s posability. As is standard fare with figma, Samus includes a variety of interchangeable parts.

There are alternate hand parts, including a clenched fist, open hand for holding items, and the classic thumbs-up hand. The morph ball is included along with parts for her arm cannon based on when she fires missiles. Samus’s visor and areas on her hands, hips, and legs use translucent parts for even more detail.


Samus stands about 6 inches tall and the standard figma stand is also included. She is set to ship on October 31st. Regardless of what game or games in the Metroid series you love, this figure is a perfect way to display your appreciation.

Pre-order here:


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