Re:Zero Rem and Ram Figma

Lately Hobbyscratch is looking like a Re:Zero fan site, but there are just so many great Re:Zero figures coming out. The latest, and honestly an announcement I’ve been hoping for, is Re:Zero figmas of Rem & Ram! Here’s to hoping they make some other characters, too. If you’re unaware, figma are great super articulated figures that have a variety of interchangeable parts based on the character.

Let’s start with Rem, since she seems to get the “best girl” vote more often than not. Rem comes with quite a few extras! She has three facial expressions: blank face, a smile, and her demonic grin. She also includes alternate hair parts, a serving tray, her signature morning star weapon (with a static form and real chain), as well as hand parts that allow for Rem and Ram to join hands for a twin pose. The standard figma base is also included.

Next up, the often underrated Ram. Ram includes three facial expressions: blank, a smile, and a shouting face. She also includes hair pieces, a tray, a knife, a potato(the greatest accessory of all), and hand parts that allow her to hold hands with Rem for the twin pose. I like the look of Ram, but it feels like she got a little shortchanged when it comes to extras. In my opinion, they should have included some wind magic effects to go with her action pose.

Nevertheless, these are sure to make a great addition to your Re:Zero collection (my wallet hurts from all of these pre-orders), and hopefully is a sign of more Re:Zero figma to come. I’d really like to see a Subaru and Emilia at the very least.

Pre-order here:



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