Re:Zero Emilia Nendoroid

Rem and Ram already have their Nendoroids and now it’s Emilia-tan’s turn. Coming in September 2017 Re:Zero’s lovely heroine makes her Nendoroid debut. As I’ve said previously, the Nendoroid figures usually aren’t my point of interest, but these Re:Zero themed ones really have me coming around. I’ve already purchased Rem and Ram (RIP wallet), so I think I’ll finish out the trio.

One of the main selling points for me is the inclusion of Pack (or Puck, depending on your translation preference) as an accessory. I felt the Kotobukiya Emilia really would have benefited from including him as well. Anyway, on to this iteration of Emilia! Nendoroid Emilia stands about 4 inches tall and includes a variety of accessories to allow for various different poses.

The accessories included are: the aforementioned cat spirit Pack, water magic effects, and the magic robe which hides her identity. Also included are three face plates: standard expression, angry, and a crying expression based on the scene from the final episode.

Pre-order Emilia here:


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