Re:Zero Rem Wedding Version 1/7 Figure


Coming in September from Phat Company is this 1/7 scale Rem figure in a wedding outfit that manages to be a stunning combination of cute and sexy. Rem is reaching out her hand looking all too happy to spend the rest of her life with you when you bring her home. This figure is based on an image taken from the upcoming PS4 title Re:Zero Death or Kiss which I covered back in December.

The figure brings the image to life quite well with the sculpt and paint job. I imagine the idea for this is also based on the “what if” light novel story where Subaru and Rem get married and have children. If you love Rem (and c’mon, who doesn’t?) this is the perfect figure for your collection. When your favorite girl offers you her hand, you take it, damn it.

Pre-order here:



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