Re:Zero Emilia E.M.T. Sega Prize Figure



Joining Rem and Ram in the Re:Zero Sega Prize Figure lineup is everyone’s favorite silver-haired half-elf, Emilia. There aren’t many photos of her design available yet, but this version of Emilia will have her wearing an alternate version of her costume seen during their time at Roswaal manor. If more photos become available, I will add them. Like the other prize figures, Emilia will stand about 8 inches tall. If you’re a fan of Re:Zero and you want to finish out the trio or you’re simply an Emilia fan, you won’t want to miss this figure.

Emilia is set for a September release date, but pre-orders begin now and will run until June on Play-Asia. You can get her at a steal for only $14.99!

Pre-order here:




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