Re:Zero 1/7 Scale Pre-Painted Figure: Rem

Re:Zero was my favorite anime of last year, and it has quickly become one of my new over all favorite series. If there’s one thing this series has no shortage of, it’s very compelling characters. There is one character in particular that seems to have carved a place into the hearts of many fans: Rem. Up until now, we’ve seen quite a few Rem related products and figures popping up for release, but this one is the one I am personally looking forward to most.


Meet the 1/7 scale Rem figure from Good Smile Company! They’re also responsible for the Nendoroid line of figures which they’ve made a version of Rem for as well. This particular 1/7 scale design is based off of the 2nd volume of the Blu-ray/DVD jacket cover. As you can see, Rem is looking very cheerful at work ready to serve tea to the residents of Roswaal’s manor. There is an amazing attention to detail here as the paint job and all of the frills of her outfit look very lively.

However, that’s not all there is to this figure! Rem comes with interchangeable parts so that you can also display her in her demon form! She comes complete with alternate arms, hair, her signature morning star with an actual lightweight chain, and an alternate facial expression with her horn! The really cool thing about the horn is that it’s translucent and you can insert a little red light inside of it to make it glow!

Rem is currently set for a December release date, but the pre-order begins now. So treat yourself or your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day with a Rem of your very own!

Pre-order here:


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