Re:Zero Ram Nendoroid Good Smile Figure

The Rem Nendoroid was announced last year, so it was only a matter of time before we got the matching Ram. Unlike her sister, Ram is one of the more under developed characters (at least in regards to the anime) but she is every bit as cool in my opinion. I was always entertained by her use of “Barasu” and her witty dialogue.

I’ve said it before, but the Nendoroid style figures aren’t usually my point of interest. They’re very well made, it’s just that I usually prefer larger scales to super deformed style. However, since I pre-ordered Rem, they’ve got me locked in for this one as well! Now that I think about it, it will be funny to have them next to the Rem and Ram Sega Prize Figures. Perhaps when I have them all in my collection I’ll post up some photos.

Ram comes with three face plates, including an expressionless face, a shouting face, and a smiling face for poses with Rem. She includes a knife and potato accessory so you can display carrying out one of her daily duties at Roswaal’s mansion. She includes wind magic parts, and last but not least, she will also come with special hand holding parts so she can share a joint pose with the matching Rem figure. That in particular is one feature that I find to be a big selling point. I love that extra attention to detail.

Pre-order Ram here:


There’s no Amazon pre-order yet that I could find, but they still have Rem!

Here are some more photos of Ram, including her poses with Rem:

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