Tales of Berseria Velvet Crowe 1/8 Kotobukiya Figure Update

Back in September of last year, I covered the announcement/pre-order for Kotobukiya’s Velvet Crowe figure. At that time, pre-orders were being taken by Play-Asia and CDJapan. Play-Asia’s pre-orders have since closed, and at the time of this writing, CDJapan only has 20 left reservations remaining. However, Amazon is currently taking pre-orders for the release of the figure. Velvet is the leading lady of Tales of Berseria (which is a fantastic game, follow the link to order a copy if you haven’t yet), and the first time the series has a solo female lead. Apparently, to some people that’s very important because they don’t seem to realize that’s been a thing for ages? Anyway, I’ve always enjoyed female characters in JRPGs, as they usually end up being my favorites.

Velvet has an awesome design, and Kotobukiya really outdid themselves with this sculpt. The attention to detail is spot-on and her pose gives that “I’m a badass” vibe. I think the figure captures the essence of her character very well. I’m particularly fond of her hair and the detail given to the bandages on her arm, and the various straps and chains on her outfit. I ordered mine quite a while ago and I can’t wait to have it! Amazon is giving a release date of June 28th, so there’s still some time to go, but it’s always best to reserve as soon as you can.

Pre-order here:




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