Amazon Will Stock Band-Maid’s Just Bring It Album

I finally get around to posting my write-up on Just Bring It and more news pops up! Apparently on February 17th, Amazon will have Band-Maid’s latest release in stock for U.S. customers. This is pretty uncommon and extremely great news for fans of J-rock music. Let’s hope this will become more common and we’ll be able to get Japanese albums in the U.S. with ease in the future.

It appears to be the regular version of the CD, so if you’re interested in the Limited Edition you’ll have to import it. But hey, it’s the music that really counts and if you want an easy way to get the album without high shipping costs, here is your chance!

Just Bring It is up for pre-order on Amazon right now for only $13.99.

Pre-order Just Bring It

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