Re:Zero – Death or Kiss Limited Edition PS4/Vita

In September I did a write-up on the Re:Zero visual novel game “Death or Kiss,” with the information that was available at the time. Since the time of that writing, some new info has come out. For starters, there will indeed be a physical copy of the game for the PS4 in addition to the Vita, and both will have limited editions. Here’s the kicker that may cause some hardcore fans to double dip: each limited edition will include a different SD figure. The Vita version will include an SD Rem figure, and the PS4 will have SD Ram. How can you have Rem without Ram (or vice versa)?! Both versions will include soundtrack CDs and a free download code for swimwear.

In the previous post, I touched a bit upon the story but I’ll sum it up here again. This game has an original story based around a Beauty Queen Election, during which Subaru accidentally kisses the prize – a Metia. (how does one accidentally kiss an object?) This blunder places a curse over Subaru that will kill him, unless he receives a heartfelt kiss from one of the beauty queen candidates. It’s the player’s job as Subaru to interfere with the competition and prevent the Metia from falling into the wrong hands, while winning the heart of one of the girls. The ladies available for Subaru to win a kiss from are Emilia, Ram, Rem, Beatrice, Felt, Priscilla, Anastasia, and Crusch. There are 8 endings depending on which girl you choose.

Inori Minase and Rie Murakawa are performing the ending theme song “Dai Dai Daisuki” (Lo Lo Love) as their characters Rem and Ram.

You can pre-order the game from Play-Asia or CDJapan here:

Play-Asia – Vita Limited Edition Featuring SD Rem Figure
Play-Asia – PS4 Limited Edition Featuring SD Ram Figure
CDJapan – Vita Limited Edition Featuring SD Rem Figure
CDJapan – PS4 Limited Edition Featuring SD Ram Figure

Most importantly, the game’s first trailer launched featuring narration by Rem and Ram introducing the story. It also previews the game’s theme song performed by Konomi Suzuki titled: “yell! ~Kuchibiru Kara Hajimaru Mahō~” (Magic That Begins With the Lips). Check out the trailer:



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