Dragon Ball Fusions – Nintendo 3DS

After a few months of uncertainty on whether or not the west would see this game, the pre-order for December 13th release of Dragon Ball Fusions for Nintendo 3DS is now available. In Fusions, players can customize their own avatar: appearance, gender, and a choice of 5 different races. You can recruit various other warriors from the Dragon Ball universe and fuse them together to create exclusive-to-the-game fusion forms. The gameplay is based on what the listing refers to as a “Rock-Paper-Scissors” RPG system.


You can find plenty of information about Dragon Ball Fusions at the Dragon Ball Wikia. It’s always nice to see new Dragon Ball content that doesn’t seem to be just another retelling of the main storyline of the manga,  though I do wish game developers would be slightly more adventurous. Perhaps this is a sign of even more interesting Dragon Ball games to come.

Pre-order yours here:

Amazon (If you’re a Prime member you only pay $23.99!)

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