Ikenie To Yuki No Setsuna Original Soundtrack


Ikenie To Yuki No Setsuna or “Setsuna of Sacrifice and Snow”, which will be titled “I Am Setsuna” in the West, is an old-school style rpg invoking the name of Chrono Trigger as  a point of comparison. Although it’s already out in Japan, the game is not due here until July. In the meantime though, I recommend the soundtrack.

I have not played the game yet, but regardless of whether or not the game turns out to live up to its classic brethren, the soundtrack is certainly wonderful. Spread across 2 discs and featuring a grand total of 71 tracks, the music of Setsuna creates a piano-driven atmosphere that is melancholic  and hauntingly beautiful. There are a few upbeat tracks, but for the most part, this is perfect relaxation music to just have on in the background at anytime.

It’s simultaneously soothing and engaging and it has made me all the more excited for the actual game. You can listen to the first two tracks here:

If you like what you hear, by all means pick up your own copy from any of the following places:



It’s definitely worth it and even the booklet and case feature some great art.

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