Buffalo Classic USB Gamepad for PC

If you’re a fan of the Super Nintendo or old-school games in general, the Buffalo Classic USB Gamepad for PC is a great way to play the games of yesteryear on your PC in a way that feels true to form. Unlike many USB controllers that claim to capture the look and feel of classic controllers, the Buffalo actually feels sturdy and the buttons are very responsive. It even has turbo options if that’s your thing, and the design is based on the original Super Famicom color scheme. With a 6-foot USB cord it gives you enough reach so that you don’t have to sit right on top of your tower.

I’ve personally used this controller for a while now and it works great not only with SNES emulation, but any other classic Nintendo system or handheld emulator. I’ve even used it for TurboGrafx/PC Engine games. The SNES controller is still one of the best controllers ever designed in my opinion, and the Buffalo is as close as you can get to the real thing for PC short of modding your own SNES controller. At about $12, it’s definitely worth it if you want to scratch that retro itch. Get yours here!

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