Banpresto Dragon Ball Z Trunks Figure

Back before Dragon Ball Z was a huge franchise in the U.S., we only had the first 53 episodes of the series. I remember seeing Trunks in one small clip of the old “Rock the Dragon” opening segment. I would pause the tape just to take a closer look at the character because he hadn’t appeared in the series yet and I was intrigued by this mystery guy. Of course then I got the internet, some import DBZ PS1 games, and learned all about who Trunks was, and then I couldn’t wait until the series got to that point stateside.

Although he is the product of one of the most unlikely relationships in Dragon Ball, (the future version) of Trunks is one of the coolest characters in the series. In his timeline, he’s the last warrior fighting for humanity against the deadly androids and to top it off, he wields an awesome sword. This figure from Banpresto captures the badass demeanor of Trunks perfectly. The pose is taken from the Dragon Ball Z title screen of the first opening segment “Cha-la Head Cha-la” or “Rock the Dragon” for you U.S. only fans.

Measuring at 5.9 inches with a detailed sculpt and paint job, this is a great addition to your Dragon Ball collection with a very reasonable price tag of $15. Get yours today before he returns to the future here.

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