Dragon Ball Styling Bulma

Although she was later reduced to a background character, Bulma was the catalyst for the Dragon Ball saga. It was her initial quest for the Dragon Balls that led her to meet up with Goku and kick-started their journey that would take them around the mystical Dragon World through many adventures and battles.

Bulma is a great example of a female character that has a little bit of everything. She’s intelligent (she does invent a time machine after all), attractive (you know, for a manga/anime character), sometimes vain, and has a bit of an attitude, but she ultimately cares about her friends and family and does her best to help them with the skills she possesses.

This Bulma figure from Bandai’s “Styling” line is wearing an outfit featured in a title page illustration for the 17th chapter of the Dragon Ball manga from Dragon Ball Volume 6, titled “Bulma’s Big Mistake”. Save for the title page, she never actually appears in this outfit in the manga. The colors are very vibrant and the attention to detail is impressive. The figure measures at about 4.5 inches and includes a clear plastic circle stand.

Get your balls together and wish her into your collection here.


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