Grand Kingdom: Limited Edition – PS4

Grand Kingdom

Grand Kingdom is an upcoming tactical RPG for the Playstation 4 developed by Monochrome Corporation and published by NIS America. According to the description, you can hire your own units and build unique military units, which makes for potential replay value. It features gorgeous 2D art that makes it look as though you’re playing a medieval-style anime.

The battle system appears to be a side-view style screen that combines tactics and action. You can place your units and even objects to your liking on the battlefield to create different formations. You can view the battle system in action here.

I’m personally looking forward to giving this game a try and this limited edition looks quite nice. It includes a premium outer box, 128-page faux leather hardcover art book with gilded pages, soundtrack in a jewel case,  and transparent decals.

The game drops on June 21st, 2016. Pre-order your copy here!

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