Kotobukiya Breath of Fire VI Nina


I fondly remember playing Breath of Fire III during the PSone era of RPGs. Even though I was only able to play it a few days at a time through my local rental store (remember those days?) because I was too poor to buy games, I put a great deal of time into it. I think I racked up about 25 hours in one weekend. Since then, I’ve only had the chance to play BOFII, and though I was close, I never finished either game due to inconvenient circumstances.

That being said, they’re still some of my favorite RPGs. Now here the BOF series is, all grown up and in its sixth iteration, but unfortunately it’s an online game “for touch-based Microsoft Windows computers, as well as iOS and Android devices.” Perhaps I’m just a relic from another time and place, but I would have loved to see the game go back to its old-school RPG roots and remain on console (or at least a handheld like 3DS). Regardless of how the game turns out, and whether or not I’ll ever be able to play it here in the U.S., the art work I’ve seen sure looks awesome.

I present to you the Breath of Fire VI figure from Kotobukiya, and it’s none other than one of the series iconic characters, Nina. Nina quite literally looks like an angel here, with her arms and wings spread wide in a stunning pose modeled after newly-drawn art by illustrator Mel Kishida. The figure will be 1/8th scale (a little over 10 inches tall) and retails for around 12,800 yen ($113.70 for us U.S.-based folk). As usual with Kotobukiya pieces, the quality looks amazing. If you’re a die hard BOF fan, you’ll want this for your collection. Take a look:

Basis for the figure

Extended gallery

Purchase Nina here!

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